"Never Again Will One Generation Of Veterans Abandon Another"

Bob Lamoureux     John Fleming

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Front: Bill Browning, Don Shannon and Forrest Manley
Back: Darrell Bazman, Bob Lamoureux, "Digger", Ron King, Rich Waldecker , Jay Roberts,
Gary Estermyer, Ted Enright and Gary "Ouch" Boucher


Doug Fox, Ron King, Gary Pritchard, Mike Steffes and Jay Roberts       Bob Lamoureux, Gary Pritchard and Gary Estermyer


Doug Fox, Bob Lamoureux and Jay Roberts                                 Forrest Manley, Ron King, Gary Pritchard and Mike Steffes


Ron King, Bob Lamoureux and Don Dignan                                                     John Iaquinta and Bill Boudreau


Joe Agius and Loren Roberts                                                                 Phil & Brenda Menendez, Mike Steffes and Bob Lamoureux


Susie Wagner and Gordy Dorey                                                             Phil Menendez and Dale Luebke


John Fleming and his daughter                                                                       Don Shannon


Bob Lamoureux and Bill Browning                                                                 John Fleming and Mike Dicker


Jerry Thomason                                                                                                       Rich Whipple

Forrest Manley, Joe Agius, and Jerry Thomason

Judy & Jerry Thomason and Forrest Manley

Ricco Ciaramitaro & Janice Spittler and Loren Roberts

Susie Wagner, Phil Menendez, Vaughn Hull, Rick Ciaramitaro and Janice Spittler

Car Show Winner, Gary "Bear" Kubik, Bob Lamoureux, and Joe Agius

Gary "Bear" Kubik, Car Show Winner, Joe Agius

Ricco Ciaramitaro and Dale Luebke

Bob Dew, Don Dignan, Mike Steffes and Judy Thomason

Don Shannon and Al Kerbyson

Judy Thomason and Debby Bradley

Joe Agius, Jerry Thomason and Dave Banks

Ricco Ciaramitaro, Phil Pursell, Dennis Bielskis and Bob Dew

Brenda Menendez, John Iaquinta, Jerry Thomason, Dave Banks, and "Digger"

Dennis Bielskis, Gary Estermyer and Patty Bielskis

John Iaquinta, Bill Browning and Susie Wagner

Photos by Gary "The Bear" Kubik

Mike Steffes, Don Dignan and Glen Jewell

Bob Lamoureux

Don Shannon and Gordy Dorey

Dennis Bielskis, Patty Bielskis and Loren Roberts

"Digger", Patrons, and John Fleming

"Digger", Mike Steffes, John Fleming, John Iaquinta and Bob Lamoureux

Susie Wagner, Ricco Ciaramitaro and Phil Menendez

Dave Banks, Rick Ciaramitaro and Phil Menendez

Debby Bradley

Photos by Ted Enright

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